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Thanks to our brave Admins and Members, you can enjoy playing CoD:WaW in a friendly and fair environment. The OTaC Admins will sort the hackers out!

Crouch Rationale:
Why crouch?
Why tactical?

The strength of Call of Duty is its realism in portraying a WWII combat atmosphere. Unfortunately COD physics historically fail to provide realistic movement with regard to the human/player object.

On one hand real people move in a direction much as do the player objects in any COD game. It is when player objects change direction, stop and start, that the physics fail. Real people decelerate over time in one direction and accelerate in another as they change direction. This gives the appearance of slowing down at the end of each zig or zag when moving in real life.

On the other hand game player objects change direction instantaneously and therefore unrealistically. This failure often gives players super-human ability to avoid the effects of enemy fire. The result is a Run-and-Gun atmosphere where players dash about like chickens with their heads removed. The intent of OuT*TaCt’s server rules are to negate the physics short-comings and to preserve an atmosphere close to the tactical nature of battle.

HondaSlzman – Clan Leader