1. Normal Movement Rule
RULE: Please move in crouch or walk with sights up, no footstep noise.
RATIONALE: Why crouch? Why tactical? The strength of Call of Duty is its realism in portraying a WWII combat atmosphere. Unfortunately COD physics historically fail to provide realistic movement with regard to the human/player object.
On one hand real people move in a direction much as do the player objects in any COD game. It is when player objects change direction, stop and start, that the physics fail. Real people decelerate over time in one direction and accelerate in another as they change direction. This gives the appearance of slowing down at the end of each zig or zag when moving in real life.
On the other hand game player objects change direction instantaneously and therefore unrealistically. This failure often gives players super-human ability to avoid the effects of enemy fire. The result is a Run-and-Gun atmosphere where players dash about like chickens with their heads removed. The intent of OuT*TaCt's server rules are to negate the physics short-comings and to preserve an atmosphere close to the tactical nature of battle.

2. Quick Movement Rule
RULE: Run only if they throw a nade or shoot directly at you, and then only to the nearest cover.
RATIONALE: To maintain a sense of realism players are allowed a short run from immediate danger to a point of safety that is reasonably close.

3. First Equipment Restriction Rule
RULE: No sniper scopes allowed: Springfield, Arisaka, Mosin, K98, PTRS or M1 Garand
RATIONALE: This rule was enacted in response to player feedback. Players expressed frustration concerning their movements being restricted by choke points held down by snipers. Players found they could not pass through certain high-traffic areas because opposing players used scopes to concentrate their fire from great distances on these areas. Scopes were removed to free up these areas.

4. Second Equipment Restriction Rule
RULE: Pistols only indoors and under the same roof as your target
RATIONALE: Using the term "roof" is intended to indicate the bullet should never pass out from under the roof before it strikes its target. Consider this as a good general guideline: A pistol bullet must never see the sun. This being said, the interior of a structure with roof damage that exposes the sky is still considered to be indoors.
The rationale behind the Pistol rule is to respond to the fact that pistols are too accurate. The intention of the rule is to keep pistols limited to close-quarter use to negate the long distance accuracy of the weapon.
APPLICATION: OTaC provides two exceptions to this rule:
1. A player may use a pistol outdoors when all ammunition clips in the primary weapon have been used. The player must announce in text he or she is out of ammo. The player must work toward, and retrieve, any dropped and discarded primary weapon they can find as soon as possible.
2. If indoors, you may stand up and move (walk) as long as you are sighted.

5. Perk Restriction Rule
RULE: NO Martyrdom, No 2nd chance, No Rifle grenades
RATIONALE: OTaC has determined the effect of these perks are contrary to the concept of tactical play.

6. First Tactical Restriction Rule, Spawn Camping
RULE: Spawnkills happen sometime, but spawn camping is forbidden
RATIONALE: There is no realistic or tactical element in firing at a point where soldiers magically and defenselessly appear.

7. Second Tactical Restriction Rule, Camping
RULE: Camping allowed for 3 min or 5 kills, whichever comes first
RATIONALE: Camping is a valid tactic. Camping takes a great deal of patience and is not always reliable in providing targets. It is often used to counteract players who are proficient at quickly aiming and shooting as they move. There are players who prefer to use Camping tactics. There are players who do not like camping tactics. This rule is created as a compromise to address the concerns of both types of player.
APPLICATION: The camping rule is not intended to be used to address complaints by players who just don't like campers.
This is a tactical server. Complaining about a player's tactic is NOT a valid tactic.
If you don't like campers, Kill Them.
If you can't Kill Them, use a Better Tactic.
This is a Tactical Server.
It has been determined that players who attempt to return to a camping spot, often have to move through unprotected and contested areas of the map, exposing themselves to the same conditions as any other player. Spawning in a location that provides an uncontested path is infrequent enough to have a minimal effect.

8. First Good Citizenship Rule, Politeness
RULE: Be polite to others. Do NOT use bad words or racism
RATIONALE: OTaC is a person-friendly sight. There are many kinds of people with many kinds of viewpoints. Bad words, even expressed without malice, can be misunderstood as a personal attack and cause an unfriendly environment.
APPLICATION: Using bad words or racism refers to text, audio, and avatar names.
Admins may request players to explain avatar names that seem offensive.
If the player will not explain the name or the name turns out to be offensive the player needs to change the name or be banned.
The player may save the game accomplishments associated with the original name to a new name, see Board -> free for all -> general discussion -> How to change profile name But keep level and guns

9. Second Good Citizenship Rule, Server-Killing
RATIONALE: OTaC is a non-competitive server. The most valued players are not those who score the highest, but those that enjoy friendly interactions the most. There are players with skill levels that outstrip many players who frequent OTaC. Getting a significantly higher score than the population is acceptable on occasion. If too often, high scores will detract from the friendly nature of the server. The population will decline to a point where the server will be considered dead.
APPLICATION: Admins follow a well-defined process of determining when a player will be alerted to the approach of this violation.

10. Sever Domination
Players must switch to a Bolt or Shotgun at 30 kills.
Players may only score 40+ points in one game out of four played.
Players may never score more than 50 points in one map (exceptions to some custom game types set by admin when requesting a new map and game type).

RATIONALE: OTaC is a non-competitive server. By limiting the weapons choice to bolt or shotgun a dominating player will limit high score potential.
OTaC Restricts weapons choices and limits successive high kill count games on servers.
APPLICATION: An automated system is in place to detect violation of rule 10 clauses.
A player approaching 30 kills will be warned on kill 27-29 to switch to a bolt or shotgun.
Players will automatically be removed/kicked from the server if they violate rule 10.