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# Thread - 2021-06-10 at 7:51 AM
BAnned for 4 hours
I apologize for some flaw in my words, I don't master English well.

First, good morning gentlemen... game with nick SiQdaniels
I would like to report something that happened yesterday afternoon around 4 pm, I was playing yesterday since 11 am on the server, when around 4 pm an admin reported that I was camping and applied a 4 hour ban, without even giving any kind of warning, or defense. He just said he was camping and banished me. Strange reason, after all there were other players that were running on the server and were warned several times that they couldn't, in my case there was no alert, just banned me. I emphasize that I was not camping.
I would like to report that I am a player who does not play camperando, I usually go around the map to kill unnoticed players, and at no point am I waiting or camperating to kill players, what happened that as I was 10 kills without dying he must have thought that it was camping, something it wasn't.
If I'm not mistaken it was the admin angus.
At the moment GcDarth and others were online.
I've been playing on your server for several years, even when it was another ip, I've been back to playing for 4 months, after a 4 year downtime.
I've always played with legi istra, marc dorcel, lola quack, among others... I was never one to break the rules, run, guns, camper, or bad words...
I even met a member of OTAC lately, who has been playing for days against him Gcdarth... I'm sure you can vouch for me, as a player who doesn't break the rules.

Grateful for the opportunity to have space to dialogue in the forum.

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# Answer: 1 - 2021-06-10 at 10:39 AM
When the Admin watch you in spectate and then kick you for camping, he is no need to give you any warnings before , special if you are a Regular player, but he only allowed to do that when he spectate you in spectate, i dont know why he gave you 4 hrs, if its for Camping he was doing wrong, but the reason to Time Ban you for 4 Hrs could be, that you are kicked before for the same reason and ypu did it again,then the Admin is ALLOWED to give you a longer Time out, but normaly its only a kick reason, no Time Ban, but thank you for your willingness to work with us and watch out next Time.

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# Answer: 2 - 2021-06-10 at 11:20 AM
And Nair is completely right. I watched, did a history, and posted the rule several times. I also spoke in chat to be aware of the kill/time ratio. It was Revolution map, and you were camping the upstairs middle since the beginning of the map until i kicked you. If you stay there and just move back and forth you are still camping. So please be mindful of the rule. If I have to watch and type and go in voice chat, you will be kicked without warning. Also bear in mind that you were on my radar for several maps for the same thing. So if you stay off the radar, and follow the rule, you won't have any problem.

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# Answer: 3 - 2021-06-11 at 10:37 AM
I disagree with your position but I respect your decision.
About being camper, I wasn't. I had killed 4 players before entering the middle part, where soon after I killed 1 more inside the building at the bottom, then climbed the stairs and when walking on the roof I killed 3 more players, outside, on that roof that the players jump to have access, soon after I left there and went inside the building to the other side, as it changed the respawn, where on the bridge I killed 2 more players.
if I'm not mistaken the rule says that 5 kills or 3 minutes, under no circumstances was I camper.
The only warning he gave me was, daniels camper, he put h +++ command, I said I wasn't in camper, and then in less than 20 seconds he banned me.
There was no kick, just banishment.
Informing the rules in general I think it's for everyone, after all there were other camper players, and I wasn't one of them.
About me being on your radar, I don't see a problem, as I told you, I follow the rules.
With all due respect, I'm an admin in other games too and I don't want to alienate you at any time, as I said, I've been playing for a long time and I'm about to make friends, and spend time.

Thank you in advance for the space.

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# Answer: 4 - 2021-06-12 at 11:34 AM
Admin please see: where=56

Camping allowed for 3 min or 5 kills, whichever comes first

Camping is a valid tactic. Camping takes a great deal of patience and is not always reliable in providing targets. It is often used to counteract players who are proficient at quickly aiming and shooting as they move. There are players who prefer to use Camping tactics. There are players who do not like camping tactics. This rule is created as a compromise to address the concerns of both types of player.

Enforcing the camping rule is done only to address non-compliance that causes extreme disruption to the server. e.g. a player that has locked down a choke point causing severe movement restriction or extreme kill rate.
The camper must have a high kill rate and low death rate.
The camping rule is not intended to be applied to everyone who simply stays in one place for an extended period.
Camping is defined by the area a player locks down, not the area a player occupies. Moving across a room to a window that overlooks another area restarts the camping clock and count.

A player may continue beyond the 5th kill if the 6th and subsequent kill(s) are visible at the time of the 5th kill.

This rule is not to be used to address complaints by players who just don't like campers.
Address complaints about campers by reminding players this is a tactical server.

If you don't like campers, Kill Them.
If you can't Kill Them, use a Better Tactic.
This is a Tactical Server.

Proper admin response to spawn anchoring:
Spawn Anchoring is the what occurs when a player camps near a spawn point. After a time, players that spawn begin to spawn at the spawn point near the camping player.
• Request the anchoring player move away from the spawn point and explain the trapping effect the player has on the team.
• Alert the team to the presence of the anchoring player and suggest everyone concentrates movement in one direction away from the player, exposing player to the pushing enemy.
• Follow the Discreet Disposition Procedure below for camping.

Specifically Here are his recent stats: 76278.png
I am not seeing the high kill rate and low death rate ..... so he should not even be called out on this.

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# Answer: 5 - 2021-06-16 at 9:33 AM
Thanks BitterSpock

Move forward and let's play and make friends...

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